Starting Over Again

I have cleared my previous posts due to the fact that those were filled with spam. I am new to blogging and I missed some comments moderation so I got a lot of spam comments. This blog serves as my archive on what I will be doing regarding my pursuit of the certifications. As I said, I am aiming for a CCIE which would be great if I achieve it before I turn 30. I will be posting more tutorials here and sample labs I created for my studies. Cheers!



The Dreamer

A fun loving person who enjoys learning new things. Currently working as a Network Engineer supporting the global network of a Fortune 500 company. This blog serves as my notes for the labs I created for my CCIE journey. I can guarantee there are errors in my posts. If you spot them, please let me know.

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My aim is to create materials for free and possibly a free lab. If you wish to help out, please send any amount. Thanks.

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