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I have no time to write a technical blog as of now as I am currently in transition moving from my current company to a new one. I have to do all the necessary stuff needed for this move. Currently I am reading CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Certification Guide, 4th Edition as preparation for my CCIE written mid this year. I don't have much lab time yet but I do have time reading the concepts I have studied when I took my CCNP. My target is Written this year and probably late this year or early to mid next year for my lab attempt. Will be posting something technical here probably 2 weeks from now.



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A fun loving person who enjoys learning new things. Currently working as a Network Engineer supporting the global network of a Fortune 500 company. This blog serves as my notes for the labs I created for my CCIE journey. I can guarantee there are errors in my posts. If you spot them, please let me know.

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My aim is to create materials for free and possibly a free lab. If you wish to help out, please send any amount. Thanks.

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