Study Tip: Gathering Configurations

I am fond of checking Cisco website and other blogs. Whenever I come across a configuration I am interested whether its something familiar or unfamiliar, I copy that config, save it on a notepad. Though I might not understand some of the configuration files I gather, I find time researching what those config lines mean, try it in Dynamips and read more about it.

If you work doing network configuration changes, doing configs line by line will really get in your nerves. One best practice is to prepare yourself a template config per technology or per setup and save this in a notepad. Network configs in an enterprise environment usually have standard format so this will really save time and you can use time reviewing the config you prepared using the template. In the future the configs you have gathered will surely come in handy.

New Year, New Challenges

It's been a month since I last posted something and 2 months since I posted something technical. I have been on break from studying since the holiday season started and I am again picking up the momentum on my studies. I am determined to finish my Multicast studies but it seems just reading theories won't satisfy me. Though I am still aiming for my written doing the mini labs sure does help when it comes to understading the topic more.

Before the New Year started, I landed a new job with a multinational banking firm. This will be a new challenge for me because its a new network environment, new setup, new people, everything is new. To be familiar with the network environment takes a few months of study and support. I am pretty excited with that new position and I am sure I will learn and experience more.

As for this blog, it really helps writing something here for my studies. Blogging keeps me on focus and keeps me motivated to study more. I noticed that when I don't blog my motivation for my CCIE diminishes. So for the regular readers ( I don't know if there are even any :)) expect technical posts here regularly. I will be sharing what I have learned from my current environment and the new environment I will be in by February.



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