Lab Challenge: Reload Router By Telnet

Here's a little challenge, I thought of this during my train trip when I was going home this evening. This should be pretty easy. Consider the diagram below and the scenario.

Configure a default route from R1 pointing to R2's ip address. The challenge is to reboot R1
from a telnet command from R3 without typing the command "reload". R3 should not telnet
directly to but instead it should telnet port 3000 to get to
port 3005. R1 should automatically ask to proceed to reboot and not ask for username/password
once the telnet from R3 is executed.

I believe this should be pretty easy for everyone. Let me know your thoughts on how to solve this challenge. I will post a blog entry regarding this for the next post. For now I need to get back to the belly of the IOS beast. Cheers!



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