So many have been asked the question why CCIE? Why not other certifications in networking? I have been asking myself the same question "why CCIE"? The second question is "is it worth getting a CCIE"?

Before I answer that trivial question, let me begin how I got into the Cisco world. I was hired as a contractor for AT&T and I had little knowledge about Cisco. Prior to that, I had Cisco experience by configuring Cisco DSL modems and the old Cisco routers like the 1700. During my training in AT&T, I met a CCIE for the first time and he showed us how good a CCIE is. That training sparked my interest in Cisco and from then on I started my path. A few months from that, I got my CCNA which I think was well worth because of that certification I landed a job in a good company who paid my CCNP fees.

Reminiscing about how my CCNP got me to where I am now, I have an idea how much more a CCIE cert will do to my career. If my CCNP got me a good job, how much more a CCIE. To answer the first question, "why CCIE?" The answer is because, I love the technology but more than that the driving force behind this motivation to get the cert is to give my family a better future. Being a CCIE, means you are an expert on what you doing. It means better job and a better life and it is a trademark of hardwork and perseverance. CCIE's also has a nice ring to it when someone calls you "hey Mr. CCIE".:)

Secondly, "is it worth it"? I think there is no need to ask this question. The answers from the first question should show that it is really worth it. I have known people who got CCIE and got better jobs and better exposure. My job currently is supporting and doing Change Management but imagine how exciting would it be if one was the expert and consultant of enterprises. It's a whole new level than my current job.

Thirdly, you might ask this question. Why Cisco Dreamer? Well, my goal is not only to be a CCIE but to work with Cisco as well. Simple and obvious isn't it? Good day!


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Raymond.Kyaw Minn Naing said... July 20, 2011 at 10:19 AM

Hi Pete,
Greeting from Singapore, i share your post "why ccie" in my google+, to my close friends.


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