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I spent this whole Sunday on improving the pages. For a long time, I have been looking to put the routers' show output command in a textbox so the alignment will be correct but sadly textarea sucks in blogger. I happen to run accross an CSS code somewhere and I applied it to my page. To my surprise, it worked fine and I am now able to put the show commands and configurations on these boxes without any problem or any weird text coming out. Now, I am looking for visio stencils/ symbols I can use for my drawings cause I find my drawings really sucky! :) If someone happens to have a pretty neat collection of visio symbols, kindly let me know where to get it. Some modern and funky styles will do! Ok, now I'll resume putting the show commands in textboxes on my previous posts. Good day!


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Jeremy Filliben said... August 3, 2009 at 8:45 PM

I like the new format of the commands.. in fact, can you point me to the CSS code? I'm looking to improve my blog as well!

I tend to use very basic symbols for my visios, so as not to clutter them with unnecessary information and to avoid making them large. I rarely use the actual Cisco stencils for this reason. If you want my basic template, drop me an email and I will send it over.


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