My Next Target: CCDA

Currently I am working as a Change Management Engineer and my job involves planning and preparing configuration for new site setups, partner vpn and just about anything in the WAN/LAN side of the network. There are times that it is required for me to do some proposals on how the network should be designed and I really need to do some research on how this should be done the proper way. As a network engineer, I believe we are not only only into configuring routers and do it for a lifetime.:) I think its best if we also know how the network should be designed and it pays a lot if you work for pre-sales job which requires designing knowledge and experience.

I first started reading Dianne Teare's book on CCDA a few months ago. I find it boring at first but when I went into the succeeding chapters, I find it more interesting. The book is so nice, you have to read it twice or thrice!:)

My journey towards the CCIE, doesn't mean I am not open for other certifications. I believe certifications like the CCDA and CCDP can greatly help not only for the exam but also for your value as an individual in the networking industry. Certifications like ITIL which I currently have, are also good in terms of the business and process side of the networking job.Being multi vendor certified is also good because there are also good networking products out there. Juniper and Checkpoints are my next targets after I have achieved my CCDP certification. I only need two more exams and I hope to accomplish the certifications I mentioned this year. I will learn as much as I can but will not forget on my target and my focus.


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