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Its been a while since I posted something here. I have finished my BGP studies but will get back on that again after I have finished the other topics. Now I am into Multicasting and currently reading the book Developing IP Multicast Networks. The book might be a little old but the author is good at explaning what Multicast is and the other topics. I haven't even finished half of the book and yet the information it shares really helps. I have also setup VMware in my laptop and setup Ubuntu as a Guest Operating System on where I will run a multicast software to send and receive multicast traffic. Installed Wireshark for packet sniffing so I can see what's going on, on a multicast packet. I will post the instructions how I set up the lab I will be using and integrate it with Dynamips/GNS3. I am excited in this study because Multicast is one areas I have little to no experience with. I rarely encounter Multicast in the production networks in my present and previous jobs. This is one of weaknesses but the book I'm reading will greatly help me overcome this weakness.


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