Juniper Fast Track 100% Discount on Exams

Yesterday, I was visiting the Juniper Fast Track page to find out what happened to the voucher I got when I passed the pre-assessment exam. I found out that Juniper is making the exam free and you can use the previous voucher you had to avail the free exam.

This may be inappropriate to post in this blog which is all about Cisco, but I think this will be a good certification to get. Besides, JNCIA-ER and JNCIS-ER are the certifications I targetted to achieve this year. These certifications will not only make your list of cerfications longer :), but also boost your morale for aimed certifications like the CCIE. This will give a networking individual a higher market value than those who only has Cisco certs. I am not pro Juniper or something. I consider Scott Morris my example for multi vendor certified experts and I think he has a wider market than those CCIE's who only have Cisco certifications. It's like having a coat of many colors! My opinion though, but my proof is there are a lot of companies out there looking for Juniper Certified individuals. You can check the job sites if you want to see for yourself.

As for me, I have booked my free JNCIA-ER exam by October and will be booking my JNCIS-ER by December. I am looking forward to passing these exams but I still don't neglect my aim for the CCDA/CCDP this year and ultimately the CCIE next year. Don't miss this chance to get a good and acknowledged certification for free! This will only be available throughout the rest of 2009. You have nothing to lose! :) Check the link below for more details.


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