Focused Mini Labs or Mock Labs???

I can't recall where I read it but I read some posts on which is better Focused Mini Labs or Mock Labs. I can't really say one is better than the other because in my opinion, these two should be equally useful for the CCIE lab exam preparation. I believe that a person preparing for the CCIE should focus first on the mini labs and understand the topics as clearly as possible and the mock lab a few months before the exam. What I am doing in this blog is doing the labs from the basic to the possibly more advanced topics. If you notice, I rarely jump from one topic to another but instead I focus more on one routing protocol/ subject at a time and divide it into smaller topics ( I wonder when I will finish blogging about BGP :) )

To tell you the truth, I don't have Mock Labs yet from those famous CCIE training vendors for two reasons, first I don't have money to purchase one for the moment (too bad for me ;) ) secondly I don't want to get tempted to get into the Mock Labs without first completing the mini labs I am doing. Gives me the study focus I need but its just me. There are people who the mock labs first and do mini labs later, its okay we have our own unique ways of doing things ;).

Currently, I am doing Kocharian labs but the labs I post here in my blog aren't copied from there or any source. I create my own topology for my own personal understanding and explanation. I can truly say I have understood something if I can explain it clearly and that is one purpose of this blog.


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