Juniper Configuration on the Mini Labs?

I have been busy with my preparation for my Juniper JNCIA-ER exam tomorrow thats why I haven't been able to do any technical posts here. I often read an ebook and do Juniper emulator using "Olive" even at work. Doing Juniper configuration is pretty much like doing the CCNA but learning a different command language. Remember, any networking lessons and principles that applies to Cisco is pretty much the same with Juniper provided that its not vendor specific.

Something crossed my mind while I was doing the Juniper preparation. I have read many networking blogs but I haven't found anything that posts both Cisco and Juniper configs. My idea is to include one Juniper router on the Mini Labs and post Juniper basic configs here just for my reference and for those who read this blog. It's a good way to learn Juniper configs while mastering the Cisco IOS. I am not talking about very advanced Juniper configs. I rarely come across with a Juniper router here in the global network I support so including a Juniper router in the mini labs will really help with Juniper exposure.

What can you say about this? Would this be a good idea? After all, I am looking for some aspects that will make this blog different from the rest and this one I think will make it a unique one. Will this defeat the purpose of this blog? Let me know your thoughts.

For the time being, I have booked my Juniper JNCIS-ER exam on the last week of November so I have ample time to prepare (I have been reading from time to time about Juniper few months before.) My CCDA is underway too and my ARCH exam will be taken on December hopefully.


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